Member of the Month – Dezember 2017

Das Jahr 2017 nähert sich langsam seinem Ende zu, damit bleibt uns noch eine Gelegenheit, ein Member of the Month zu küren.

Unsere Member of the Month für den Monat Dezember ist tatsächlich mittlerweile leider nicht mehr bei uns, hat sich aber in den knapp 5 Monaten, die sie bei uns war, so super bei uns eingefunden, sodass die Meistens von euch sie sicher kennen werden.

Der Post zum Member of the Month ist für sie sicher auch eine super Übung, ihre Deutschkenntnisse weiter zu verbessern 😉

Ja, die Rede ist natürlich von unserer Alex 🙂

Alex kam im Juli zu uns, da sie im Rahmen eines Praktikums einige Monat in Deutschland und damit auch in Limburg war. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Alex sich in dieser Zeit dazu entschlossen hat, CrossFit Limburg zu ihrer zweiten Heimat zu machen.

Es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht, dich die letzten 5 Monate bei uns zu haben und wir freuen uns sehr darauf, wenn du uns in Zukunft wieder einmal besuchen kommst.


Doch jetzt lassen wir Alex einmal selbst zu Wort kommen 😉


Where are you from?
I am from a town called Bergenfield in the state of New Jersey
For how long do you do CrossFit and what did you do before?
I started doing crossfit in the summer of 2016. Before crossfit I did track and field in college (long jump, triple jump, and the pole vault ) and during some of my breaks from school I would play tennis.
What do you do in your „regular“ life besides CrossFit?
Well I am planning to go back to school in September so right now I am finishing up applications. Between now and September I will also be visiting my mother in the Caribbean and possibly volunteering at a hospital on the island for a little bit.
What is your favorite movement and what your most hated one? 

Well I’ll start with the most hated because that’s easy 🙂 – I don’t like the assault bike (anything with the word assault in it is already bad news). My favorite movement right now would be a tie between is handstand walk and cleans. I am not very good at handstand walk but it’s a fun exercise to practice and cleans is an exercise I had been working on before I joined crossfit but struggled with when I first started so I am always excited when I improve.

What’s your best advice for CrossFit newbies?
To people just joining I would say although crossfit athletes are super strong they didn’t start out that way, everyone begins from somewhere so be patient and trust the process. I would also tell them to set goal for themselves as big or as small as they want because it does give you something to work towards! Lastly don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone at cross fit has so much knowledge and are always eager to help 🙂
Is there anything else you want to add and we should know about you?
I want to thank everyone at CFLM again. You guys truly made my experience quite amazing and so much fun !!! Keep posting stuff so I can follow everyone progress and I will do my best to do the same 🙂